Oct 31, 2007

Read What Chris (Google Developer Advocate) has to say about Pune GTUG

The Idea of Pune GTUG came up during a discussion with Chris (Google Developer Advocate) over lunch at Indic thread conference 2007. Since then, Chris has been guiding me on how to go about a GTUG.

He is very supportive on the idea of Pune GTUG. Once we are able to really set this Group rolling, I am sure we would get the needed support and help from him.
Thanks Chris for your ideas and support, they are most welcome

Read what Chris Schalk has to say about Pune GTUG.

Chris is also part of Google API Team.

Idea behind Pune GTUG

I and many others would agree that Google has a critical share for unleashing the power of Web technologies. Almost all of us are daily Googlers (People who are hooked to Google). We rely heavily on Google for our day to day needs.

This was the first step where Google helped web users with data, and Google played a big role for getting the right kind of data user expected. The next step is here, Google has been working hard to empower people to create pratical applications on top of google technologies. This is the time of Web 2.0, when people would be able to convert data to practical live applications. Google Technologies will enable people to do so.

Many of us already rely on Google Maps for number of things. The idea is to learn to leverage Google's Technology towards practical solutions. These solutions can be put in any one of us, and that also looks like Google's target, empowering the developer community.

The aim behind Pune GTUG is to find like minded people who are interested in learning about Google's Technology and also bringing newer solutions to everyone's desktop using these technologies.

If you are interested in knowing and learning about Google's Technology, Join this group. If you are not a hands on person, but still like to contribute ideas about practical solutions, Join this group.

I already had word with some of the people in Google, who are ready to facilitate Pune GTUG once it becomes active. We could very well have Seminars and Presentations and Conferences held in Pune about Google Technology. For these events some of the key minds behind Google's Technology would join to guide the community and also to get feedback from it.

So what are you waiting for!
Lets transform the Web!!

Join Pune GTUG, be a part of revolution!

Read this article

Idea behind Pune Google Technology User Group

Oct 27, 2007

Upcoming Libraries for GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

The following video talks about a number of open source library built on top of GWT to ease out development in GWT. These area as follows
1. MyGWT- A Profession looking, ready to use Widget library inspired by ExtJs. Special thanks to Darell for this framework.
2. GWT Incubator - A library put by GWT Developers and community itself. They have some advanced widgets like a Grid (ScrollTable), a must see toolkit.
3. GWT DND- A Library dedicated to Drag and Drop support for GWT. A must see one, it has around 13 very good examples of different ways of Drag and Drop. You think of some thing in drag and drop and this library has it. Thanks to Allen for this library.
4. Chronoscope from Timepedia- A up coming Time Machine on top of GWT. Excellent framework when it comes to visualization of Time Series data. Has some of the same things you see on Google finance, but it can be developed using GWT. Not totally complete yet, the first beta is yet to come and so is the IE support for GWT. But never the less, a Library to watch out for.

See the Video below (The Video will start when it reaches 11%)

Learning about Google My Maps

The following Video talks about how to go about Google My Maps. Google My Maps is actually the simplest way to put your content on a Map. No APIs knowledge required just go on the Map and start drawing your content. The things covered in this video are
1. How to create MyMap?
2. How to add Place Holder? How to add rich information to these placeholders?
3. How to draw path ways, routes using line tool?
4. How to represent an area using the shape tool?
5. How to use the existing contents and application already available with Google Maps?

See the video below (The Video will start when it reaches 11%)

Getting Started with GWT Development Environment

This Video is good for any one new to GWT. It walks you step by step through the process of going about, when you first download GWT. It covers
1. Installation
2. Project Creation for Eclipse and Ant
3. Creation of Skeleton application
4. Import of the Skeleton application in Eclipse
5. How to run the application from command line?
6. How to run and debug the application from Eclipse?
7. Brief introduction about the files used when developing GWT apps.
8. Lastly a bit about the Java to Javascript compilation

See the Video below (The Video will start when it reaches 11%)

GUG- Google (APIs) User Group Blog Started

We are very excited to start Google (APIs) User Group Blog.

With the advent of APIs released from Google in all sorts of direction, it is growing need to keep ourselves updated about these APIs.

The areas of update which I am talking about spans from
- Knowing how to use these APIs
- To more importantly what kinds of solutions can be created out of them

You can yourself see the large number of APIs below and looks like they will keep flooding