Feb 25, 2008

InDepth GWT (Google Web Toolkit) Seminar on 1st of March with Indic Threads

We are thinking about having an in depth Google Web Toolkit Seminar on 1st of March with Indic Threads Pune.(This is still in tentative stage, but I wanted to share this early with all of the members.)

Ajax using Java - Digging Deeper (using GWT)
  • Architectural Overview
  • Undeniable Benefits
  • Actual Coding Demo of basic sample
  • Actual Coding Demo of advanced complex app (Controlled by a backend)
  • Design principles when working with Ajax UI
    • Covering MVC to the fullest extend
    • Inshort Covering DTOs with the RPC Services of GWT
  • Introduction Must use open source libraries with GWT
    • MyGWT
    • GWT-DND
The Seminar is expected to be of 90 minutes, to do justice to the topic. Please feel free to forward this post to any one interested.

I would post the complete details of the seminar when they are communicated to me.


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